Be Better

Timing is impeccable, such a thing that we take for granted but the standing that is upheld as a result of what we consider timing to be may just be sleeping in. This is the importance of punctuality

Punctuality engenders trust, trust engenders progression, progression can lead to promotion, promotion can lead to early retirement or big figure numbers.

Do you want to retire early and avoid all the traps in life such as unbreakable loans and mortgages and debt collectors coming to your house while your sleeping and repossessing the shitbox you have in your garage which gets you from a to b? If yes then read no further, if no keep reading.

So long have we been accustomed to that early morning sleep in, where we hear the buzzer or ghastly tone made by apple go off. This is where we snooze and get 5 more minutes then 10 then 30 then start to contemplate if we even need the job anymore. This my friends is the act of a beta male in the species, or the temptress woman. Usually reserved for newborn parents, why should we be limiting ourselves to such things. Why not wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work. Smash those targets and have a good day, if your like me and work in sales. It can be so difficult to break this cycle of work all week get messed up on the weekend then dread mondays and tuesdays like they are the plague and your one of the last survivors who didn’t catch it.

Fuck the alarm clock you need a break, not a retreat, not a holiday. You need to take time for yourself to grow, recircuit your brain to wake up at 5.00am go for a walk, go for a swim, read your books whatever your doing whether it be studying or something else you need a break to do this. Because i am telling you now your pattern of weekend debauchery looks so good on fridays and wednesdays, but you hate tuesday, why not love everyday. Now I am not saying that you should quit your job but its time to take some leave. Bootcamp yourself. Put yourself in the position where you can find that inner strength you had as a child where you were happy to go to school to get grades and see your friends. If this wasn’t you stop reading now.

Time has caught up, we lost this in college. We crammed and crammed and partied like it was going out of fashion and sometimes it feels like we are just trying to get back to that stability. The world isn’t like that I am sorry, the world is endless and you can get lost stepping out on your own. But what you dont know is that you can structure your day around doing the things you love, not were told to love. Excercise for the endorphins not the gains, Read for the stories and knowledge not the ability to tell people you read, Unless this brings you great joy in which case stop reading now.

You have to start carrying your weight not slumping by, these grades you had were targets, find new ones, if your boss sets you an impossible target tell him, Or alternatively smash it, read learn, prosper get on with what you have to do.

I am not going to guide you on how to get on out there in the wilderness nor am I going to hold your hand, I am going to get you to the point where you realise you are more powerful than you think. You were a sperm once, Same thing happens here, what you don’t know won’t hurt you, thats a given, but you won’t get out the benefit of knowing more than what you do now. Get out of your comfort zone and push harder into the unknown, Delve into the most random topics on youtube, go to the library keep reading, keep excercising.

A man can be great, but is a man great from nothing, no a great man is a learned man a sculpted being whom understands aesthetics not from dumb jocks but from wisdom and knowledge.

Be great or get the F*** out of my way.

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