Why we need manufacturing in australia

Manufacturing in Australia is what supplied thousands of people with skills jobs, whether this be through manufacturing of clothes or linens, dresses and swimsuits. All throughout my life i have seen the downfall of economies in the place of losing manufacturing within cities and towns, Cars are a big example, with the shutting down of factories in Detroit the city went from a great place for employment to a destitute crime riddled town.

By choosing to manufacture in Australia, you are willing to take the risk of higher price garments and cars but it is essentially a no brainer as the equivocation of what would be higher monetary gains to exporting brings in foreign investment which in turn leverages equity rates for higher wages to be paid on the basis that units are bought in the interests of people as futures. With only farmland produce and mining produce being sold in futures, there needs to be a consistent fluctuation in patterns, designs etc. Requiring highly sought after skilled people that have a say in the direction of the business from the middle rung, whereby top down businesses are doomed for failure there is always a new design or remodeling available. As we progress further into industry related things fashion and motoring are lacking.

People should know that if you were going to start a business there are crowdfunding websites whereby the acquisition of initial capital in tandem with good credit allows for a leveraged loan to be supplied and could hire with the loan amicable staff, and including foreigners whom are skilled in the trade to come across from there country and show people how it is done. Given covid has diminished this ability to travel across the pond however we must not let that get us down.

There is plenty of domestic help available and the requisite knowledge is being taught in trade schools for design and manufacturing these garments has never seen better times. If you could create a product that was robust and delivered quality at an equitable price whereby you were paying costs of manufacturing gst etc, then the quality of exports Australia would see could become a staple within modern day society. Importing fine silks and all that is a thing of the past unless they plan on going high end manufacturing. But just simplistic cotton sourced from farms with sustainable practice could bolster retention rates in customer bases and be globally recognised.

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