There was a tree high and tall

there was no tree high at all

all it took was a lonesome glance

in fact it wasnt even by chance

Opened my eyes and I saw it

A tree so tall it made a flooring

for all the roots and an elf was snoring

at its trunk all dazed and wild

just a foot shorter than the average child

I went up to the the tree and glared

got a snapshot of the branches from end to end

That was what made it so special

this tree i saw had no animals

The elf sparked up a cheerful glee

How do you do partner said he

nothing i did could take him down

Even the sad face or the angry clown

So i walked off with my depressive mood

bringing things down whatever im rude

it just so happens that im a cunt

guess thats what happens when your born a runt

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