Looking forward to the day

Today is going to a be a fantastic day I am really looking forward to what is to come, trying to stay as basic as possible in every action that i do so that i dont get ahead of myself, living in the present moment not dwelling on problems from the past. I do need to look at them but today i am going to take a break from that and just practice living in the moment so that i can be better than i was the day before, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i cant think of a better way to live at this point. My favourite colour is green and black and i like to eat eggs with soldiers.

Breakfast was great all bran and just right something that i needed to start the day wanted some fibre in my system. I will be going out soon, tonight could be fun so i will see how that goes probably going to get in trouble but at this point a little fun is what i need. I have been through so much through these past weeks in terms of trauma that i need to just be weird for a bit.

Thankfully i have friends that will have a laugh with me and not get judgemental of my circumstances.

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