Overcoming Me

I have reached a point in my life where i realise that i am not what i thought i was, everything i know everything i expected i lost, I needed to work for these things, so badly but i played around and did nothing and there is no one to blame but myself. I am a selfish narcissitic (at times) cheap level headed fuckwit who can manipulate to serve himself but gets fucked by the long dick of karma everytime.

I need to settle the fuck down out of this because this ongoing cycle of confusion is really starting to drag me down into places i dont want to be cornering me into positions that take too much reliance on other people to get out of. I can’t expect to be spoonfed like i was, i need to realise i am a man and take responsibility for my actions again, these things often get muddled but i learn in the process not to get muddled so i can further my way back into a mindset that allows me to get the things done that i have to do even if it hurts, i cant keep running away from everything that hurts but i need to be headstrong when it hurts.

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