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I write this with a metaphorical gun pointed at my head in the form of emotive language that has been suppressed to keep my head above water. This development of sanctity in insanity in inconducive to societal needs. Once a lover for the unknown now i feel i am the unknown. Not fame for me but i dont need to walk a shadow of a man who feels that i should live on suffering with something that cannot be fixed and only gets worse according to statistical data. Whether or not it comes from the unknown requires further investigation because just cause some wont go there does not mean i wont find it. Been there, still here brought some of it with me, and i put it back.

If what we see is immediate and not necessarily true or universal does that make the possibility of demanding truth within consensus amongst cohorts within an environment for shared appreciation of something, Is it not the way in which we find ourselves free whereby we create our own truth and appreciate that with what is known as the universal yet subjugating and minimalising till it no longer resembles what would be known as truth and derive elements from it building a sense of what is to be and what is to come.?

Have i lost my mind, is my mind gone, is my mind my own, why would i say it isnt why would i think that any mind is other than my own. Unless i feel objectified and ruled but subverted hidden influencers i feel that the message i am trying to put across is drink rockstar energy drinks to get the buzz you need but don’t drink too much to engage in sugar rushes that rock the boat of an equilibrium towards the body. It can only handle so much sugar and then the rest is stored into fat.

Jump clear of what you know make waves and monitor positioning between wavelengths and interactions and understand the constant fluctuations after understanding in its totality the regulation of revolutions. These changes are like adding iodine to water they change colour and eventually spread to change the entirety of the colour that it was it is like to communicate an idea accross to somebody.

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