The bottom of rocks

They say if you turn over every stone eventually you will understand what different rocks look like from the surface based upon patterning within the stone itself. I myself don’t believe this hype i have turned most stones but am still amazed at what i bring up sometimes, well actually a lot of the time frightened as to what i have pulled up. For instance the commonalities between the actuality of spirit within the ideals of natures way of developing is homeostatic capabilities within nature. This destruction of ethical knowledge in the presence of alpha type mentality to defeat rather than to succeed together has led mankind to a point whereby the wealth generated by the elite will never give us a chance to earn money of any real value and leaves me feeling defeated by what i could not control. I just need something to start and maintain this bullshit ideal that i have no stability in my emotions is a product of using drugs to distance myself from reality thereby forming a hegemonic state from which i travel between and sometimes leave elements between causing confusion whereby i develop feelings of panic that alleviates the ideas and the archetypal necessity of survival instinct puts me into play utilising the systems most basic and sometimes quite complex overriding systems without putting into play extra characters into the game. Although at one point this was something i was going for or rather was informed of and felt that i should achieve at least one but rational sense which pervades both the hegemonic state and my rational mind to simplify the understanding that i do not simply have the capability to maintain a simplistic rationality towards them and in reality complex machinery is rather good for it’s ability to both be ethical from a lateral perspective and to be an obfusicating force that reckons with simple machinery. But must be used as a means to utilise itself within a higher order of processing again thinking laterally.

Is not the goal to create or find nibbana through meditation and why am i prey to malicious intent when all i choose to do is illuminate its damaging effects refer back to the start of this. I do not feel as though this series has gone through for if we are to create or explore new worlds and we bring archetypes with us we will regress back to a stage. “note for inquiry”. But this development of what we bring to the table leaves me in solitude as i do not know the hearts and minds of others all i can see is what i see that is not all for to see all could induce all emotions and all fears and all pleasures and everything that there is to be and would we not seek to single out in the event the good parts of life. Refer back to earlier. Thereby rendering the machinations of a systematic moving towards a developing mindset towards what we could achieve rather than what we could get? And is achievement generally the evil that must be overcome as i break down the simplistic emotive language of what it is to achieve. Fear is something we have learnt to survive and it is no surprise that anxiety is such a prevalent problem from my perspective as i have had everything and lost it not due to my own fault but due to environmental understanding built upon new order processing, which is by no means complete but it certainly serves its purpose. I revisit the archetypes to understand how the disconnect does not divide from a separate cogitation and recognise that these beliefs are none but what we would consider to be something that is not made up but rather instinctual based on survival and a rational mind with basic understanding of how to build a conversation would regard the necessary architecture as pleasure being derived from the understanding of a perfect world. This perfect world is a manner in which not all can achieve. I put this down to karmic consequences but in the process i ask to refer back to the pleasure derived as i meditate towards a larger understanding of the novella in which we have found ourselves living as a part of what it is to be and what it is not to be. This is not the question but a path in which we can derive understanding of what we are again thinking laterally. to really question and understand not denote and demonise as this produces discontent in peoples heart and loses the fire that keeps burning to keep people at an even keel going each day to survive, refer back to archetypes. I now add that the archetype i search for is of a predatory animal. Are we not different from them with the ability to build? Is the caging of such animals necessary to bring them out. Would this necessarily imbalance the planet and can we not fix it in such event. Technology has brought us out of the dark age but obscurity has brought us back. Its a catch 22 that with understanding and knowledge you run the risk of losing balance with out a strong core system to engage and travel through. Refer back to new world functioning. This is what i mean when we can see all but get confused but i only referred to three points and did not by any means see all nor allude to the illusion that i could i believe this is what i look for and seek. The rationalisation of acceptance is not something i can stand for because i do not believe that cultural change is necessarily the right thing to do because the contradictory ideas feed the world just as water travels through a stream going between rocks and choosing different channels and with each integer of increased force the atoms go different ways and as animals walk through the stream there is a shifting of the rocks causing new flows to happen.

I hope you enjoyed my story on the bottom of rocks.

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