2020 WtF

2020 has been a year of surprises

Australia has been hit by the worst bushfires that we have ever experienced destroying homes all over the country particularly nsw and Victoria.

Coronavirus has divided us with paranoia about a virus that tantalises medical professionals and debilitates the industry overloading hospitals with excessive inquiries into the slightest cough and flu. With its devastating effects things such as influenza has been overlooked and we have primarily focused on the implications we have felt from this microbial issue that is hugely contagious.

Personally I have been within a quarantine locked down within a hotel suffering for 14 days with a brief hospital stint due to alcohol abuse with which i believed i could just keep myself inebriated for the prolonging 14 days only lasting till day 8 which is when i suffered a convulsion from withdrawals from alcohol. The conditions in which i was living was excellent however the lock on the door denied the access to any fresh air. Current reports have people complaining that they had the problem of staying in their rooms for only 24 hours and were unable to socialise. I mean come on I had to stay for 14 days.

Ketamine has reoccured heavily with the opening of the year as i cope with asthenia and an undiagnosed depressive issue. Finding it heavily influencing my actions as i feel better and better every time use it and its use only amplifys my capability to engage with my peers as i feel adequately more appropriate.

However due to this coronavirus i have elevated my weight to the staggering 152 kilos. Stay tuned as i lose this weight and delete this disgusting oversight that i have done to myself.

In conclusion 2020 has been a crazy year as of too date but the words of kanye “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger” unless of course according to medical professionals you contract the coronavirus, with reports indicating that the virus has implication upon the bodys entire functioning in the long term. Phew I was one of the lucky ones not to contract this vicious virus.

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