Vietnam part 3

Vietnam is a very different place from Australia in so many ways, the traffic, the ethical standards, the food the people. Especially the culture. How it differs from Japanese culture in that there is no bowing in between greeting and is actually seen as offensive.

started the day with some traditional tobacco out of my blessed opium pipe, which was grand to where I had breakfast with fruit. I decided to checkout of the hotel early and head to Lang son to see my friends hometown. It before I left I had no dry clothes so I had to go buy underwear socks T-shirt’s and pants for the day. Not too mention I made a quick stop to the local pharmacy to acquire some Xanax for the long trip in the car. My friend is very savvy when it comes to the different things available in Vietnam so it is best to stay with him when I can.

Also he has a personal driver which can seem very rare in Vietnam, in a Lexus four wheel drive which has more leg room than business class. With wifi built into the car it is very luxurious.

For lunch we went to a little hidden restaurant with a narrow staircase with paint chipping off the walls, which seemed like a rundown place but as soon as we got inside it was beautiful. I tried the traditional corn milk which tasted like sweet corn.

After lunch we went to my friends hotel where we waited to see the baby that my friends sister had just given birth too. Unfortunately it was asleep.

It is very difficult to communicate here with many local accents altering the pronunciation of words making it nearly impossible to keep a constant understanding of how things work properly.

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