Vietnam Diaries

Day 3 of vietnam

Sorry for missing day 2 will provide concise details as to what happened. ok so firstly i went to a bar and tried laughing gas. So much fun this was but unfortunately I fell of the stool backwards and hit my head really hard. I decided to go home after this because i was in a lot of discomfort. Woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache so I went to the chemist and got 4 vials of morphine of which i drank. The morphine really accentuated all the different things I was looking at. It really was an experience to be on morphine riding a scooter at 60 kms an hour on a rickety old bridge full of potholes, Not only was the morphine adding to the excitement but the xanax mixed together very well. Providing fluid movements with hallucinations of a fractal manner.

However knowing that this drug was so powerful I knew I had to stop so I went back to the chemist asking for a non opiate from which I was given a 50ml vial of ketamine and a syringe for intramuscluar injection.I am frightened of needles but this didnt seem to scare me as much possibly due to the 6mg of xanax previously consumed. I started with a 10ml dosage to start which knocked me out and changed the entire paradigm of my existence as I was able to see clearly my errors in what I have done and where I should go from here.

The next dose was only 2ml and was still just as strong, probably should have opted for the 2ml first but what do I know, I am not an anaesthesiologist.

After this I decided to have a nap after smoking a few tobacco pipes out of my custom made opium pipe.

When I woke up I decided it was time to again search hanoi for places to see and i found a place to get the greatest egg coffee I have ever had to my luck though however as I was returning my phone got snatched out of my scooter.

So now I am in hanoi with a bag of wet clothes no credit card, no paypal, no mobile phone, no dry shoes. I cannot wait to see what else hanoi has to offer me.

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