Vietnam Part 1

Day one in vietnam was an eye opener, the things to do here are immense although I have been conned many times I dont believe they are all like that. If I have any advice it would be, don’t get in a taxi where the taxi driver asks you to get in nor get on a moped, both endeavours have cost me over 150usd whereas if I were to just hire a motorbike for the day it costs 15usd.

Avoid eating things such as meat from the chicken street as they don’t wash their baskets after they use them making them a contagion for disease.

There is a definite disparity between the population, particuarly the older generation who are still sour from the war. This is evident in the willingness to give advice from different sources. and the definate defiance even though they speak very good english.

Food wise it is a safe bet to eat at hotels and banh mi sellers. Not to mention pho which I personally haven’t tried.

Funnily enough i had to open a bank account but the passport used to hire the motorbike was retained by the dealer so I could not open the bank account to make matters worse I had no phone battery left, and hanoi is interwoven throughout so many areas.

In conclusion it is best to travel with others. Instead of travelling by yourself.

And as always Happy travels

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