Time Again

What if time as we knew it could be cloned in the mechanisms or computations of displacement that it causes if we select a period. What if by cloning this period of time could in essence be a section of time able to be revisited throughout time as a larger entity. Would these collaborations of periods enveloped in a separate universe be able to be accessed without the minds eye?

Could time beyond the minds eye be an indicator that the human brain is not the sole origin from which electricity is found, which is knowledge in that the chemical electricity that we use to power our brains is not the same as outside of apperception. How could we know, if it is outside of our perceptions? for if we do not percieve or conciously register that something is there, and nobody can tell you wiser, essentially that means nothing is there, the implementation of tools has provided the increasing and decreasing simultaneously of the capability of the minds eye. This is due to reliance on technology to solve a lot of the problems we used to encounter.

If we could design time travel we could essentially live forever, have infinite resources and infinite labour, whilst it would change the universes by which we accept as reality due to the fact that we would know that time travel is possible.

We have been given many an opportunity to perpetuate love and doing the right thing, but we do not hither in the expression of anger.

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