Complications of civility

There comes a time in everyones life where the ebb and flow of reality becomes less and less gripping, unless imerged into its epicentre or core of the happening, If we inspect nagarjuna and his agent to action response, then we can say that there is appropriate liking toward the different ways in which we demand satisfaction or desires from ourselves. This overwhelming unsatisfying feeling can perpetuate if not altered and corrected and deserves special attention when encountering.

This is most likely due to the hum drum of balanced reality and the lowly reduction of biochemical nerve responses toward different situations. Unfortunately this is a product of reality, where as in chaotic events we find an imbalance hence yin yang with yang being chaotic.

However this does not cancel out the possibility of extending the reach of our present realities we can extend further to navigate to interpretations of different ideas and things such as this. Using logic and epistemology we can develop different paths in which we can create realities for our own lives.

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