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All things are created by mistake or by design, nothing comes from nothing………………

If we could slow down the speed of light we would effectively change the distortion of time, leaving us confused and in thoughts that are relevant to space travel, thought itself if connected entirely to the anatomical and physiological self is constricted to by the rate at which synapses are created, signal each other etc

Thereby we could utilise this knowledge to identify at what parts of the brain are active when certain stimuli is attained. Allowing us to understand the different processes behind the neurons firing off between synaptic channels.

Furthermore if we could harness this ability actively in all forms of reality we could essentially train the brain to operate as it did from an earlier age creating new patterns of neurons or alternatively chain thoughts together in a medium that could be remembered at the snap of a finger. This could potentiate the opportunity to think faster than the speed of light with your visual apparatus not just the minds eye letting you see the waves of light as they form in the spectrum.

Does knowledge itself have its own synaptic function that is relative to the synaptic function that one acquires in order to feel a sense of self, burgeoning with lust toward the illumination in complete cinematic glory, we haven’t yet mastered light in 2019, but we have damn near come close.

Time, Some have it, others want it, others lost it. Time is a creative idea that the constant raising and lowering of the sun by the way it shadows on a sun dial. This illusory concept I have found to be only so malleable. As time becomes relevant to activities we exert an approach that rivals physiological needs. We are constantly checking for time whether it be by the way that the current synaptic patterning that occurs daily for you has to tik over or checking to see if we are enjoying ourself. This temporal freedom of having a constant that can be a pillar in alternate realites as a referent to relate to for instance in mathematics is a variable.

We simply think we think, we need to think that won’t think. This is how you prepare for an emergency, you never know how people react when under pressure it is an interesting thing to see when somebody suffers an emergency situation whether it be in a hospital or outside an exam room therefore amidst the hype of the emergency if you plan your life accordingly you should see opportunities for misfortune become opportunities for wealth.

Confusion, what is it? how can we be confused? Well imagine I came to you one day when you were gardening and I said, inside pelican screwdriver missile. This would immediately lead to confusion within the participant as to why I said what I said. For it makes no sense, but in fact it did make sense, the idea was to confuse somebody and in the act of asking about what you said arises your conquest is complete.

But confusion can be a great tool for certain things, for instance if you are in the midst of an argument it is often a great tactic to lead to confusion, by this I mean the act of sophistry to the point of leading the person to an entire paradigm of complicated thought. This can be a great way of silencing your opponent without violence or psychological damage.

If space is just the displacement of atoms, is the visible light we see just the equivalent to seeing what contrasts with elements in the air? If we were to remove all the elements from the air would things then look the same? would it be clearer or more dull.

Are we only able to use the sense faculties alone to guage for different elements, what about through use of technology the idea for bitcoin came from the shared clusters of information that occur. Therefore whilst not taking physical space in the world where we live breath and sleep. Surely there is more in the ways of space between atoms and if you extract all molecules of gas from a room that the room could truly be considered empty but then again, knowing that it does not make it hard to see we can come to the conclusion that the trillions of little atoms that surround me now in various gases are similar to little tiny universes just like the one we live in.

If there were no molecules in the air we would not feel humidity, which is in itself the heating of water vapour in the air, which is a fantastic thing if you think about it. This air that we breathe which has oxygen can carry liquid particles that can be heated. What if we could target different areas and create hot spots.

— avi8s

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